snapshot of a neighbourhood


chinatown by ian.kobylanski 


I sit by the window. On one of those high bar chairs pulled up to a small wooden table. People come and go around me. It is 10:03 a.m. The pre noon sun is streaming through the window; I can feel its heat on the right side of my face. The coffee shop is cool and clean, very modern-hip. Its sharp design doesn’t seem to belong on this block, this merging of cultures; this intersection where Chinatown and the Downtown Eastside collide. I love this borough of misfits and changing atmospheres, it makes for fascinating people watching if you’re into that. I am not usually, but lately I have found myself more and more fascinated with the goings on of those around me.

I have nowhere to be on this sunny February morning, and as I sit in the sun, sipping a strong cup of black coffee, I find myself wondering where the others around me are rushing off too; what their stories are. The bearded young man at the table next to mine who talks to himself as he works. The two women huddled in the corner over their Mac, earnestly discussing something. The middle aged man with a long ponytail who sits alone at the board table reading a chunky book. I think its Dickens, but my eyes cant quite make out the cover. And then there is the constant flow of caffeine seekers who come and go, but never stop to sit. Many of them are dressed in business clothes, and carry brief cases. A few stop to chat with the barista, they obviously frequent this haven often. When the traffic slows my eyes wander out the window to the street. This block is the very edge of Chinatown, and almost every sign is written in characters. Red and yellow dominate the colour scheme. Even the curves in the architecture give away the roots of its design. I know this area very well, I know exactly what I will find a few blocks in any of the directions on a compass. I love these streets, and the diversity that a few blocks can encompass. I could spend years here, and still only know a fraction of the stories this neighbourhood has to tell. That mystery, that opportunity, perhaps, is what draws me back here again and again. I want to know more.

I sit by the window, looking out into the street. People come and go. It is 11:03 a.m.


from Leah’s lens: Nepal

I recently returned from an epic two months in Nepal, so  I decided to share a few pictures of that beautiful country with you. Here is just a small taste of Nepal…

If you want to read the whole story of what I was doing in Nepal check out my travel blog at



In the rare case that you’ve been desperately worried about me and my well being considering my very long break from blogging… here’s the deal. I am off on an adventure! I am currently in Vancouver, BC, attending YWAM Vancouver. You can read all about it under the ”my travels” tab, or better yet go straight to my travel blog ( and read all about my adventures. (don’t get too excited though, I’m about as bad at updating that blog as I am this one)

I will still try to find some time for Pickles and Punctuation, but I make no public promises.

As a small taste of what you will find on my other blog here is a picture of me on top of a mountain in BC.

I came. I saw. I conquered.

I came. I saw. I conquered.


from Leah’s lens: the east coast


Chester, Nova Scotia


Lunenberg, Nova Scotia


Lunenberg, Nova Scotia


Lunenberg, Nova Scotia


Lunenberg, Nova Scotia


Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia


Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia


Quebec City, Quebec


Quebec City, Quebec


Quebec City, Quebec


Lunenberg, Nova Scotia


a brief love story

He was distracted. That was the first thing I noticed about lawnmower guy. He was riding his fancy John Deere in a neat little pattern across his parent’s lawn- and doing a surprisingly good job considering he was also looking at his phone. I will repeat that. Lawnmower guy was texting while cutting the grass.

It was lawnmower guy’s distraction that first caught my attention; that was before my distraction by his distraction caught lawnmower guy’s attention. For one beautiful moment our eyes locked as I biked by; but this new distraction proved too much for both of us. I nearly swerved off the road, and lawnmower guy sadly did not swerve, and ran his shiny green tractor right into a tree.

I guess we weren’t meant for each other after all.


10 things about sisters


  1. They will always be your best friends, even when they drive you crazy.
  2. They are always honest with you about how you look.
  3. They always laugh at your jokes, although sometimes they are actually just laughing at you.
  4. You don’t need to use words to communicate with them.
  5. You always find the same things ridiculously funny, even when the timing is inappropriate.
  6. Movie quotes can make up entire conversations.
  7. The bathroom is the best place for secrets, conversations, laughter, arguments, opinions, and doing your hair together.
  8. When something is funny once its even funnier after you have all repeated it a dozen times.
  9. You can easily stay up for hours with them talking about everything and nothing at all.
  10. I know that because I have two of them; for better or for worse, I will never be alone, because they are part of me.




photo by Leah Reimer

She was young once, and innocent

Dreaming of stars and rocket ships and outer space –

Her head in the clouds, reality so far away,

She wanted to walk the moon, no matter what they said.


She was brave once, and strong

Dreaming of mountains and ice and the top of the world,

She didn’t listen when they said she was a dreamer

She wanted to climb mountains, see the world for herself.


She was wild once, and free

Dreaming of farms and dirt and wide open spaces,

She didn’t care that the other girls wanted to be princesses,

She wanted to be a farmer, it didn’t matter what they thought.


She was young once, and naïve perhaps,

But she dreamed of the stars, and never looked down

She dreamed of mountains and galaxies, farms and freedom

They told her to stop dreaming, and be realistic,


And yet…she still dreams of the stars.